Legal And General Careers

Every state has legal and consultation services. These are done with regard to the prescribed law of that particular state. In some states there are solicitors and barristers while some states only have attorneys at law. Basically to become a lawyer one has to go through the LLB degree as to the law of that country and have to go through a session of practical training for a given time. Afterwards one can give oaths as a lawyer in that country. It is the license or the authority they get to represent their client before courts. Usually people can go to courts and appear by themselves but in many cases it is better to have a lawyer as they have more knowledge and experience than a random person. For a lawyer to become more experienced in this field they have to work under a senior lawyer to have practical knowledge of the procedure as it is quite different to the theoretical knowledge they have gained in these years.

They are given the opportunity to select the field they want to work in as to their choice so they can either choose civil or criminal. It is rare to see a lawyer handling both civil and criminal cases as the scope is too wide. Many civil cases are paper based as the lawyers have to make plaints, write answers, frame issues for the judge, find case law and so on. When it comes to land law under the civil category, conveyancing is one of the major tasks they have to do. It involves pedigree listing, calculating stamp duty and law relating to apartment and land ownership.

Another interesting area especially for the law students is the scope of family law which deals with dissolution of marriage, child custody, maintenance and soon. Also, in this scenario a family lawyer has to be perfect in his/her documentary work and litigation work as he/she have to represent the client and have to proceed in a way that is beneficial for the betterment and advantage of his/her client. There are so many aspects and field under the topic law as it has to handle all the spheres of a state. Therefore a lawyer has a wide knowledge and this profession is one of the most renowned and highly acceptable careers in the world.

Lawyers and judges are well recognized in both local and international states therefore they have to be considered and approached in a very respectable way when dealing with their day to day work.